Some ramblings, an intro.

I've decided to keep better tabs on my vegan lifestyle (always evolving) and my path to running a marathon by writing about it. Besides these life choices, I am a 24 year old female who is discovering things about people and the world I live in every day. In trying to live as my "best self" (ha), I figured that checking in daily on a blog would be a good form of accountability. And hey, it allows me to follow other like-minded folks, too!

I'll start with where I'm at now: I went vegetarian when I was 18, after discovering that one of my friend's girlfriends (who was maybe 16 at the time) was vegetarian. Right then and there, I thought, "Well if this 16 year old can do it, I can do it." I've always loved animals and had thought about making the change before, but had plenty of excuses each time. We happened to be in the Burger King drive-thru, so I ordered their Gardenburger (I know, not the best...) and the rest was history. To go along with that first veggie BK meal, I wasn't the healthiest vegetarian. My diet through college consisted mostly of Boca Burgers, mac & cheese, french fries, cheese pizza, and pasta. Looking back, it's kind of funny that all of these things are pretty much yellow and brown. Yuck. Anyway, I went vegan in the summer of 2012, around the time that I took a job in Virginia. Eating vegan has forced me to incorporate more veggies and good things into my diet, but again, there is always the temptation and ease of processed substitute meats and pre-packaged meals.

With my move to Virginia last year, I also signed up for and began training for a trail marathon. Long story short, I went on a 14 mile run about halfway through my training (shouldn't have done it!) and ended up injuring my knee and not being able to run the race. I am back on track now, with new shoes and a more realistic attitude about marathon training.. I hope to run one this summer, but it all depends on my knee.

I've decided to focus more on my physical and mental health this summer for a few reasons, which include those mentioned above. I also know that I can't keep making excuses for working on my best self. Life is too damn short, and I am so lucky to have my health. I have no excuses not to run and smile and be outdoors and eat good things. I read blogs and see posts about people making healthy choices, running races, following their passions, and I'm no longer going to sit back and simply click through other people's online journeys... well, I guess I'll still do that. I'm just going to join them!


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