Run, yoga, eat, wait..

Well, it's official (or as official as it can be without an actual visit to my primary care physician).. there is something wrong with my knees. I tried to complete another run after my last failed attempt at an LSD, and ended up only running a measly 1.5 miles. As I walked back to my car, worried about hurting myself further, I was at a pretty low point. I want so badly to run a marathon this summer, but I'm not sure that it's in the cards for me. Anyway, that's why I've avoided posting for a little while.. I'm just disappointed and didn't want to log on and see all of the other running blogs that I follow.

I have a PCP appointment on the 12th, so I plan to ask for a referral to a sports medicine doctor or a physical therapist to see what they think is going on. I assume that they'll tell me that I can't run for a few months, or that I have a tear, or something was overworked. I am also hesitant to do yoga now, because there are a lot of table poses and things that involve my knees that I probably shouldn't be doing. Since the temperature is hot in my yoga classes, I feel great at the time and tend to limber up a lot but I usually end up extending my knee a little more than I should.

So I am thinking all of this, on and off, and I'm writing it now.. but I can't help but think that I sound pretty selfish. There are plenty of people who will never have the chance to run or walk even, and here I am complaining about not being able to do a marathon. I hope I can find some happy medium with my health and my thoughts on this whole situation.

On a lighter note: I went to visit my fiance and took a trip to Whole Foods for my semi-monthly haul of 'vegan goodies I can't get in my hometown.' :)

Not super healthy of me, but still very happy to grab all of this stuff:

We also made a trip to the Eastern Market (my first time), which was fantastic. I can't wait to go back and pick up some flowers and veggies in the coming weekends. A farm-to-truck food truck was set up, and I enjoyed a huge vegan falafel wrap that I keep thinking about...

I will likely be indulging in some of these WF goodies at some point, doing some reading, and watching Revenge on Netflix because I can't. get. enough. Happy weekend!


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