A good run, a good outlook

I decided late last night that I am definitely going to take training seriously and work toward a July trail marathon in northern Michigan. I had looked at Hal Higdon's marathon training plans before, but didn't follow it exactly, thus ending my training with an injury. Even though I've done several 5K's and an 8K, and feel very comfortable with the actual act of running (sounds serious huh), I'm going to do the Novice 1 program simply because it (like the website says) eases you into the long distances. I just don't want to screw up my body again.

Today was my 5 mile pace run in the first official week of the plan, since I did a breezy 4 miler yesterday. I was nervous about running this far on the road because after I last ran 6 miles on pavement, my knees hurt the next day. I think the combination of weight lifting (more on that in a later post) and religious icing/elevation of my knees set me up for a stronger run today - I ran 5 miles at 8:26 pace!

Pictured: my awesome tights that I am obsessed with.

As for my "healthy eating" today (and any day) - I'm not going to be one of those people who counts calories or posts every meal on this blog because frankly, I'm lean and happy about the metabolism I've been given. I did make a conscious effort to eat a small meal before I ran this morning which I think is SO important. I've almost passed out during a morning run once, simply because I didn't eat anything beforehand. Scary.

Pre-run breakfast of 1/2 smashed avocado and sea salt on flax toast, and black iced coffee. Perfection.

I like to eat about an hour before I run. Other quick pre-run meals that I like include: coconut milk yogurt, a small packet of oatmeal, a plant-based protein shake (I like Arbonne), or a banana. I've found that drinking a cup of black coffee about an hour before my workout helps perk me up, too.

Here's my evening to-do list: finish my ab workout, do delts and calves at the gym, maybe hop on the elliptical then do some studying! Happy Wednesday :)


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