LSD Run, Part 1

I was supposed to complete my long slow distance (LSD.. anyone else call it that?) run today, but my knees were starting to bother me so I finished a measly 2.85 mi. I shouldn't say that my knees were bothering me per say, but I was definitely conscious of them and thought that they seemed tight/uncomfortable on and off, so I elected not to run the entire 8 miles to play it safe. The marathon plan I'm following suggested running 8 mi today, but I was going to just do 6 if I was having trouble. I immediately stopped at the drugstore after the run, picked up some anti inflammatory pills and some new inserts for my running shoes, then came home to ice my knees.

Overall, I'm pretty disappointed with how my body felt this morning. I was prepared for a great run (wearing my new windbreaker helped my mood!) but it didn't end up like that at all. It's funny, because I ran cross country my senior year of high school and basically loved everything but the actual running part. I loved the friendships, the support, and the race atmosphere. I wasn't the best though, and even though I went to the state championship meet, I am running MUCH faster times now, some 6 or 7 years later!

Something happened to me after I graduated college and began running as more of a hobby - I became addicted to it. I kept chasing distances mostly, and times, and now all I can think about is wanting to run a marathon. I was devastated when I injured myself before that marathon last summer, and I kind of felt worthless. I know I'm not, and I know I'm exaggerating about this because I'm very healthy in every other way, but it's a hard pill to swallow when you work your mind up into believing you can complete something and your body doesn't allow you to. I'm going to rest my legs the rest of the night and try my LSD tomorrow...


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